July 27, 2016


I mentioned in my blog post last week that my father-in-law took the time to teach me to salmon fish. The talk of fishing, the sight of fishing poles and a mama that kept going away to try for those elusive  fish peaked the kids interest.
 So one morning Daryl took the kids out on their own little fishing expedition.  
 It might have just been the lake around the corner from their house and a small row boat that just fit two 
But let me tell you it meant all the world to these kids.  
That one on one time with grandpa, the chance to hold a fishing pole by themselves, the talk of how grandpa showed them the bubbles from the fish they just couldn't seem to catch and the fact that Abigail got to help row the boat.  Weeks later they are still talking about their time that they went fishing, just them, with grandpa.  And when Abigail told Ethan that she didn't catch a fish either (she was the second to go out), he smiled and said, "You, Mama and me - we are on the same team.  The team that can't catch anything."  And with that he walked away a happy boy.  Oh, the joys of being three.

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mother said...

Such a pretty lake. So peaceful. Your pictures say so much in this blog. Those kids have awesome grandparents there in Soldotna. I am so glad.

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