July 13, 2016

Cooking Show - Part III (Baking Edition)

We are over a month past Naomi's birthday but her cake pop pictures can't be forgotten.
I started with the cake pop batter that I had in the freezer leftover from Abigail's four layer birthday cake in December.  Yeah for using something I had and for freeing up some freezer space.  The result also ended with the cake pops being multi-colored.  A win for all.
The dipping in white chocolate was very common place but the pup pup ears and nose were fashioned from flattened tootsie rolls.
Then I used a drop of frosting from a previous project, also in the freezer, and added a bunch of red coloring to turn the green frosting into a dark gray.
The results were perfect.  I made just enough from the ingredients I had on hand and ended with just I had hoped for.
And the kids first experience with cake pops were a huge success.  Everyone loved them.  Ethan thought they were so cool that he has changed his birthday request from a single spiderman head cake to a bunch of spiderman head cake pops instead.  We will see how I am feeling come September.  One thing is for certain, being a mother stretches my baking skills for sure.  


Mother said...

Spider man heads! Yikes! Way way way out of my league. My baking skills involve a sheet cake with drawn on pictures. haha The pups came out so cute.

Anonymous said...

you did an amazing job with the pup pup cake pops! Such a sweet mommy!

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