July 26, 2016

Arts And Crafts

There are many great things about Grammie's house but one thing the kids love is time with gramme in her workshop.  She waited years upon years to have one and last year my father-in-law built one for her.  
 One thing I love is that before the kids even arrive projects have been thought of and supplies are ready for each age, gender and child specific.  She is very intentional about picking things that the kids are excited to do.
 The workshop is really Abigail's dream come true.  Each day we were in Soldotna it was a haven of love for her and her artistic love she got from her Grammie and her father.
 This place is so special to Grammie but something I love is that she doesn't mind sharing it with three little kids.  They are given boundaries but they are also given freedom and to both of those things they grow so much.  Even Naomi knows which bins, beads, and activities she is allow to touch and enjoy.  Grammie loves her space but she also loves these kids and loves to help them become creators too.
Time with Grammie in her workshop is a wonderful time indeed.  All the supplies in the world don't compare to time with the mastermind behind it all.  What those supplies can make with a mentor's vision is what makes this place so special for all.

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mother said...

How totally wonderful for those 3 little ones to learn from the BEST!!!


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