July 29, 2016

And We Were Off

Our time with the grandparents was fun but this little band of travelers had a few more places to go.  Part of our trip to southern Alaska was to take the ferry out to the island of Kodiak.  In order to get there the kids and I had to drive two more hours south to the tip of the Kenai peninsula, also known as my favorite town - Homer, Alaska.
 Last year when I brought my sister here little 15 month old Naomi came with us but besides that my kids have never seen my favorite place.  On this particular day we only had a hour before we had to get to the ferry.  That hour was full of going potty, finding a parking place to leave our truck for a week and checking in with the ferry's main desk.
 But as we drove through town I told the kids about this place.  This place that takes my breath away and makes my heart all aflutter.  
 And even though time was a little short I took the drive to Bishop's beach to show them mama's dream home - the glass house.  It was so sweet for me to see my kids here, in this place of my dreams.
But it was a very short moment because we had places to go and new adventures to achieve.  We boarded the great Alaskan Maritime Ferry and started southwest towards Kodiak.  Aunt Heather and her kids were waiting for us.  We were ready.

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mother said...

Looks like you found a choice sleeping spot on a platform right by the big window. Pays to arrive early! Good shots of the littles staring out over the bay and spit--colors blend with the fireweed. Happy for you that this trip turned into reality.

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