July 17, 2016


Two weeks ago today the kids and I left Fairbanks and headed south.  We traveled first to Soldotna to visit Josh's parents for a few days before going even further south on our next adventure.  Last Saturday I drove the kids to Homer, Alaska where we boarded a ferry and rode for 12 hours to Kodiak, Alaska.  (anyone heard of the TV show Deadliest catch?  Yup that is the island we were on but not there for fishing.)  Nope we were there to visit my dearest friend Heather and her kids.  Her husband is now stationed in the coast guard there.  We are so excited they are once again within the state of Alaska even if it is a little hard to get to them, they are still reachable.  We had a great week in Kodiak before returning on the ferry last Friday to the mainland.  Unfortunately, the kids and I all became quite sick at the end of our stay.  The kids while we were still in Kodiak and myself a couple of hours into the ferry ride.  A super high fever and three kids stuck on a boat for so many hours isn't a great combination but the kids rallied and did great.  Back in Homer I loaded the truck up with kids and gear and then started the 80 mile drive north.  Lucky for me my dear husband called to check in on me part way and hearing how horrible things were and how bad I was he stepped into action over 500 miles away.  Hanging up with phone with me he called his parents and they started to drive south as I drove north (this is late at night by then, thank the Lord for them).  We crossed paths a 1/2 hour south of Soldotna where I was put in a quiet car and told to rest and Josh's dad took over the truck and kids and got us all home safe.  

All this being said, I had blog posts all programmed out until my return when I was going to be posting all of our great trip pictures.  But since we still aren't home, and won't be until this band of travelers is well enough to venture the extra 500 miles home, there are no pictures downloaded.  I do have a picture taken by my father-in-law of me fishing on the Kenai river for salmon.  Can you believe I have lived in Alaska for 14 years and never fished for salmon?  I have such generous in-laws that always supply us that I haven't had to learn.  But this year I have been in town at the right time and Josh's dad took me out a bunch.  I still have yet to catch one but as we get healthy there is always another chance.
So as for this blog it will be quiet for a few days.  First this family needs to heal, then we need to travel, we need to get back to our home and then the pictures will be downloaded and the blog will resume.  Until then we will stick to popsicles, motrin, juice and family that is helping us get back on our feet.

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Mother said...

I echo your words, "Thank the Lord for your loving and caring in-laws." Praying for your health to return very soon.

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