June 24, 2016

Homestead Update In The Land Of The Midnight Sun

It has been a very busy week on this little homestead of ours.  All of the big three have had updates.

Bees:  Last week during a routine hive check I found that my queen wasn't laying any brood (baby bees).  Thus a new queen was ordered and just arrived.  Late June is not a good time to be adding a new queen to my box but it is all I can do at this point.  Last night I located and got rid of the old queen and put the new queen cage in place.  Hopefully as the hive feeds this new queen they accept her and she gets to work, fast.

Chickens:  This area of the homesteading is why there are no pictures in this post.  I took a picture of the freezer filling up but knowing my family wouldn't like that I just thought I would leave it out.  The chickens took much of our time this week but I am so happy to report that as of last night the pen is empty and the freezer is full.  We started the summer with 47 birds and ended with 46.  A very good year indeed.  Instead of hiring a baby-sitter we have been doing all the work in the evenings after the kids have been in bed.  It has made for some super long nights but it is done and that is good.

Garden:  I am super excited to say that after the rain in the beginning of the week and the sun in the later part of the week the garden is doing great.  The box of beets on the deck weren't doing well in the cooler weather we had earlier in June so I moved it into the greenhouse.  Well, every single seed has germinated and the beets are looking great.  There are baby tomatoes on the plants and tonight for dinner we are going to be picking our first cucumber to enjoy with our meal.  Weeds are also intense and I must spend more time then I am out there.  

Summer is a busy time indeed.  So thankful for this little homestead of ours!

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