June 22, 2016

First Harvest

Over the weekend the kids and I had our first harvest to bring in.  All of our early summer rain has meant that the rhubarb was more then ready to be picked.
Rhubarb is a great harvest because it is pretty hardy and can be taken care of by all ages.  Abigail helped me pick some of the stalks and then threw the leaves down to Naomi and Ethan who loaded it into their wheelbarrow.  
Of course all motherly warnings are thrown to the wind and one or two kids are bound to taste test this super sour fruit.
After being assured that mama would cook all of the rhubarb into things they love we were back to work.  Since daddy's big wheelbarrow was occupied with chicken materials we depended entirely on Ethan's skills with his wheelbarrow.
Abigail gave up on the helping pretty quick but Ethan and Naomi helped me through it all.  The three of us took three trips through the yard from the plants down to the big "over flow" compost bin with the leaves and a few stalks that bolted.  What helpers they were.  
Late night chopping means that we now have the first harvest in the big chest freezer.  This is bound to be a busy week for our homestead but step one is taken care of.


Mother said...

That little wheelbarrow is just the neatest thing. and not a toy but a tool--just the right size.

Anonymous said...

This is such a cute post with N and E working hard on the harvesting. Many picture N is noted as being along side for moral support while her bigger siblings are getting the tasks done. That is her role ;)
I want to grow Rhubarb next year- help me remember that please!

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