June 20, 2016

Father's Day 2016

Father's Day.  A day when this little family celebrates Josh and the amazing dad that he is.  We have a lot of "perfect" pictures of our family but this, why this is one of my favorites from yesterday.  Because not matter how great the picture is, the reality is Josh a dad to three very different children.  And when one is happy, one is distracted and one is in distress he is still there for all of them.
Happy father's day Josh.  God blessed me greatly when he gave me you to be the one with whom I would be on this journey of parenthood with.  

**Side note:  The day was really wonderful.  Just sometimes things are not "just right".  Ethan broke down because well, I asked him to smile for a picture instead of look for a rock on the ground.  A few seconds later he found what he was looking for and all was ok once again in the world.**

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