June 7, 2016

Cooking Show - Part I

We cook three meals and one snack around here everyday.  Not that big of a deal but recently I have been inspired to photograph some of the action.  Sometimes cooking is so beautiful.
It is especially fun to see the kids doing more and more of the cooking with me instead of just the licking of the spoon.  Abigail does a great job cutting things up for me.
On this day we were making homemade pizzas.  The kids love canadian bacon and mushroom but Josh had requested a chicken pesto pizza.  It turned out so beautiful.  We even used my homemade garden pesto from last summer.  It smells amazing.  Wish I could have shared!
Cooking at home.  Ordinary but still so special!


lindajo said...

Was so yummy too!

mother said...

Looks sooo delicious. I can smell the basil if I try hard enough. Laugh at the bin Abigail is standing on. Someday those little ones will be standing next to you without any help from the famous bins they push all around. haha


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