June 2, 2016

Celebrating 2 Years

Our darling little Naomi Cecilia, today your are two.
 Last night your daddy and I sat and looked through photobooks of the past 24 months.  From the day you were born until now you have brought us so much joy, laughs, questions and adventures.
 You are a child not easily scared and you have two older examples to keep up with.  Climbing, running, talking and playing have all come early for you.
 I laugh to think that by the age of two Abigail had barely held a pair of scissors.  With the first child things can be much more controlled.  You, our Naomi, love play dough, scissors, crayons, beads, buttons, and all the big kids crafts that we might pull out.
 You are by far our most vocal child.  You love to talk.  You learned to talk this year earlier then both of your siblings.  The thing I love the most is that even at this early age you don't just talk but you converse.  We love that no matter what is being talked about you are often right on topic with us adding your own little opinion.  
 You love to swing.  It is your favorite outdoor activity.  Every day when daddy comes home that is the first thing you ask of him, please push me on the swing.  After a half hour yesterday he went to get a few chores done and lucky for you Abigail took over the task.  Your big sister pushed for non-stop until dinner was ready.  What a lucky girl you are.
 On birthday posts I like to put up pictures of just the birthday girl but today I have to include one of you with your siblings.  You love them.  You boss them around.  You stand up to them.  You idolize them.  It is so fun that in the past few months the three of you play together.  
 You are such a happy child, except when you aren't.  It does have to go in here how much you like to scream.  I remember your brother had a little trouble with this but he got over it quickly around the age of one.  You my dear have just taken it to another level.  You are a happy girl until you don't get your way.  What a strong spirit you have inside you.  One that certainly knows exactly what she wants.
 Your eyes are still a clear blue and your hair blonde, and getting more so in the summer sun.  You are around 25 lbs and, as of a just a few weeks ago, my child who just might share mama's blood with low iron.  You are still the first to rise each morning but nap everyday.  You sleep in a bedroom with Abigail and Ethan and that still goes well.  You are starting to wake yourself up at night when you need to go potty and where you will climb into your crib yourself if tired, you still don't climb out of your crib.  That is one of the many places screaming comes into our day.
 You were gifted a potty for Christmas and within a month you were potty trained.  After our trip to Texas in April we had a few set backs but it is an amazing thing to me to have three potty trained kids.  Love it.
 Where you love your brother and sister, you also love one on one time.  Daddy to paint with, Mama to cook with and more.  Recently I see Abigail and Ethan go off to play and you stick close to mama and are her buddy whatever she is doing.
 But quiet solo play is something you love to do too.  Your baby dolls and pup pups are your favorite. 
 You love nature, animals, wee babies (animal and human), rolling around in the sand at the beach, splashing in water and digging in the sandbox or mud puddles.  Getting dirty is your number one job every day.
You are certainly a mama's girl during the day but you and your daddy have a special connection.  He makes you mad because he doesn't just give in to your demands but even if angry at him, his lap is your favorite one to cuddle in.
Naomi you have grown from a baby to toddler this year.  Only the Lord knows what the next 12 months will bring us.  I am so happy that we, your family, get to be along for the ride!


mother said...

Happy, happy birthday to our FAVORITE 2 year old!!! You are loved and adored by many. Grandma and Popeye

Jeanne Fischer said...

Beautiful expression and tribute to remember, Kathleen. Happy 2nd Birthday, Naomi!!

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