June 3, 2016

All This For You

Yesterday was a fun, simple and fulfilling day for all.
 Naomi's birthday celebration actually started Monday night.  A little root beer float action kicked off this week with Grammie in attendance.
 But yesterday was the real day.  After we put Naomi down for her nap Ethan and Abigail helped me decorate for her "pup pup" party.  Thanks to great-gramme for the use of your birthday decorations.  They were loved and enjoyed once again.
 Then after nap the kids and I read stories for awhile until daddy could make it home from work.  We all wanted to be together when Naomi saw all her balloons and the party set up for just her.
 Naomi had just a few presents but they were just what she wanted.  New robeez, books, and a baby doll from people who loved her.
 A big present, wrapped in just a trash bag - this is how much energy I have about these things sometimes, was picked out at once upon a child by Ethan and Abigail.  It is a baby doll bed/changing area.  They picked it out and then together we made homemade cards for Naomi.  They were both so proud to present it to her they could barely contain themselves.  "Look Naomi, I wrote your name N-A-O-M-I and Ethan, E-T-H-A-N.  I did that just for you."  Sibling love, I love it.  (I am going to focus on that, not the squabbles that soon came over the new toy, sigh)
 For Naomi I stretched my baking skills once again and made cake pops in the appearance of puppies.  More to come on that adventure next week.  But she loved them, as did the other two!
Friends of ours contacted us earlier this week that they were getting rid of their outdoor playhouse.  Perfect timing.  Josh picked it up, we scrubbed it down and let me tell you - we have one very, very excited little birthday girl.  Even the doorbell works.  Amazing.  
Naomi, and her new baby doll she has named Laura, had the most wonderful day.  Full of phone calls from people who sang, attentive parents and siblings, stuffed puppies around her and tasty ones to eat.  We even ended the day by watching a little bit of Lady and the Tramp II where she got to see puppies running around.  Needless to say the ushering into 2 years was a fun thing for all.

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mother said...

What an awesome day for a little 2 year old!! Perfect way to celebrate, I must agree. Looked at her pics several times, enjoying her delighted expressions. I especially loved the last one of her, all full of wonder at the day. And good use of the area where you put the playhouse!!! There will be hours and hours of fun there. I also liked watching the other excited little ones hovering and encouraging the birthday girl. This is what a family is all about!

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