June 14, 2016

Age And Experience

A year ago today we headed out on our first camping trip as a family with small children.  A year ago the kids were 4 1/2, 2 1/2 and just one.  We had a new tent and a lot of excitement.  

In the past year we have gone camping as a family three separate times and also spent some time at a state cabin this past winter.
 Taking the kids back to the same campground a year later made it fun for us to see just how much age and experience has added to our camping trip.
 Last year there was a lot more fussing, confusion, and nervousness about the new surroundings.
 But this past year the kids have learned what camping is.  They are now more excited at the prospect and during.  They now anticipate the adventures, the "camp" food, and when we arrive they look forward to the freedom and exploration that comes with camping and campgrounds.  
And the best benefit of all the experience we have give the kids on camping is...they know now how to go to sleep in sleeping bags and in a tent in broad daylight.  Because come on, camping in Alaska in the summer never involves a flashlight or candle.  This ability certainly helps make the evenings of adult conversation around the campfire a little more refreshing for sure.

Camping as a family, challenging but very, very worth it!

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mother said...

Sounds awesome. Best part is that you spent your birthday exactly as you wanted.


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