June 13, 2016

A Family Tradition

For the second year in a row, thus now a family tradition, we took the family down to camp in Denali National Park for my birthday.
 I have so much to say about these great three days and two nights.
And so much to remember
We saw so much (this is a dall sheep if it is hard for you to make out)

 And completely enjoyed being a family away from life but together.
But now we are home.  The week is before us.  Life comes tumbling back to us as we unload wet tents, run laundry and get back to our chores.
And as one thinks maybe it is just a little too much effort to go, I pull myself up short and remember. Oh no, in fact this is what we live for.  More of our adventures tomorrow... 

(Many thanks goes out to my Aunt Debby for mailing me our campfire book.  Tears streamed down my face as I read aloud to Josh each night.  Thank you so much for a treasure to enjoy on this particular journey.)

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