June 6, 2016

5 1/2 Years

Yesterday was Abigail's 1/2 birthday.  Just her second most favorite day of the year, after her actual birthday of course.  I mentioned earlier that the topic of Abigail's dessert is always the biggest issue.  
 Last year I surprised her with dirt pie and this year my big plan was a strawberry pie.  But since Abigail is so intense on her desserts she decided to set her mind on sand pie this year.  Sand pie is the vanilla version of dirt pie and is served with gummy fish instead of gummy worms.  
 Can I just say that I do believe the siblings love these special holidays as much as the child being honored.  A fun and special dessert and favorite meals area always big hits!
Abigail had a really great day.  She didn't have to do any chores, got a special breakfast and dinner and was able to pick out all of the books for story time.  But when asked if she liked sand pie or dirt pie better the deciding vote was dirt pie.  Hmm, next year's 1/2 dessert needs to be even better and maybe I can keep it a surprise.  Surprises always work out a little better.

Tomorrow starts a week of VBS.  Tonight she said, "Today was a great day and it just starts a whole bunch of great days too.  I just can't believe VBS is tomorrow.  This is going to be the best week ever."


mother said...

White sand--did you make that up and adapt? clever.

mother said...

Love that smile in the last picture. Darling!!

moth said...

One more--as I look again at that last picture, I see you as a 5 year old with the wispy blond hair, baby teeth and joyous smile. You were such a carefree, happy little child at that age. Like a little fairy flitting around in your own happy world.


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