May 20, 2016


The other day at mooseketeers the kids all ran out to play.  We were done with our craft and book reading and the weather was beautiful.  As big kids ran off to play in the yard I sat back and relaxed just a little enjoying it all.  Naomi cuddled in my lap, a few friends to catch up with and Abigail and Ethan playing with friends.  Next thing I know the kids came back and Ethan looked like this.  
When I asked him just why he thought it was a good idea to color himself with a blue marker he replied with all seriousness, "Well, I wanted to be spiderman but I couldn't find a red marker."

Oh this little boy of mine that I love so much.  He just might make me go a little crazy but he is who he is (this picture doesn't even show how much of his arms were covered, sigh).  Ethan, our little smurf.  

1 comment:

mother said...

He certainly did compromise on colors. What were the others doing when he was busy with the marker?? Did it come off with soap and water??

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