May 18, 2016

Enjoying The Little Moments

The other day I taught the kids how to make homemade lemonade.  We don't have a juicer but we massaged those lemons first and then squeezed with all our might.  The kids had so much fun with it.  
 And at the end of the whole process we realized it was just about time for daddy to come home for work.  We all had a lot of fun greeting daddy with a fun surprise on the deck when he came up the driveway.
And he wasn't the only one who came to the little party.  It seems like our mama moose and her two babies are back in the neighborhood.  It is nice to see familiar faces as we celebrate spring time fun!

1 comment:

mot said...

Baked chocolate ANYTHING goes well with lemonade (thinking cake, cookies...) Looks so refreshing! Massage makes much tastier lemonade than any juicer around. ;-)
Is that a new baby in the yard or a yearling??

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