May 10, 2016

Those Family Moment

Since arriving home from Texas we have been so very busy.  Spring has arrived to the interior of Alaska and with that comes so many things.  
 The list of chores to do around the house is so long.  Always more to do but my request for mother's day was to step away.
 To laugh, relax, enjoy, play and be a family.
 And at the same time be reminded of what a wonderful place Alaska is.  A half hour drive, a river and a gravel bed.  That was all we needed.
The kids dug in the dirt, Josh skipped rocks, I helped the kids find the pretties ones around and we made collections of all that we loved.
That teamed with dinner around a fire pit really made for the best day.
 Because when the end of the day comes no gift bought at a store or meals served at a restaurant could mean more to me than this.
My three kids, watching them grow, seeing what they love, getting their hugs and kisses and being part of their lives each day; that is my gift - always.  The special coupons Josh and the kids gave me are wonderful as well.  


Anonymous said...

I think they tapped into the most perfect gift for you! So happy you have this wonderful memory.
What did you cook over the fire?

mother said...

Amen to that.

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