May 6, 2016

Running Barefoot

On the drive to Grandma and Popeye's house from the airport Ethan's first request was to take off his shoes and run in the grass barefoot.  I laugh because all of the pictures do show him with his shoes on.  But regardless we did enjoy our first taste of warmth and grass in 7 plus months.  
 Our visit to Texas was busy.  Grandma had projects for us to do.  But in and amongst those we did get a lot of summer play in.  Playgrounds, swimming when we could, Austin's children's museum, dinner in restaurants and lots of backyard fun.
 We helped Grandma feed her backyard deer that come to visit each day.  Ethan helped to make sure some of that good and fresh Texan fruit wasn't wasted on them at all.  When I would send him out with cantaloupe or watermelon rinds he made sure absolutely no fruit remained before he left the skins for those deer.  They get that good fruit year round from Grandma, Ethan doesn't.
 We also went to the park to feed the ducks.  And it is a fact that those Texas ducks are much bigger then our Alaskan ones.  They must not have to fly thousands of miles to migrate each year.  They were big, hungry and very comfortable with kids.  Some were even eating out of Naomi's tentative hand.
 But running, biking, scooting, stroller riding without snow, ice or mud was our favorite part.
That and finding each and every drop of water we could to cool off.  Those days in the Texas sun were hot.  It was a good time but did make us look forward to the cooler spring days we were set to come home to.

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