May 27, 2016

Klynstra Beautification Project

It all started with the plan for the kids tree fort.  Josh was looking around the yard for the perfect place to start building for the kids.  His choice location just happened to be over a big stump.  So maybe it all started with the stump, not really sure.  We had talked about the fate of that stump.  Josh was planning on moving it this fall when he borrowed a skid steer from a co-worker who lived just a few miles away.  All of this seemed fine until I pointed out that he really couldn't build around the stump and then try and move it and we also really didn't want to wait until the fall for the kids' fort to be built.  

This conversation ended with a quick text to the co-worker and confirmation for use of the skid steer last weekend.  Friday night the kids and I dropped Josh off and he made the slow trip down the hill from one house to the other.  Thus started the weekend of the Klynstra's beautification project.  

Most of my pictures of my house and yard are on the south and east sides of the house.  The west side, our big yard, is all woods.  And as woods go there are areas of fallen and rotting logs.  We have over time worked on piling them together here and there but still they are in the woods. 

Josh spent Friday night moving stumps, piles of brush, leveling out ground and more that he had envisioned.  Saturday I helped by walking with him through the woods.  He would stop the skid steer by a pile and I would load up the wood and he would take it to one area where we built a berm along the property line as the "designated decay area".  Hopefully it will grow up and be beautiful in time. 
Taming natural and wild woods is hard work.  The past 9 years we have owned this land we have brought under wraps the portion of the land with the house, shed, garden, driveway and all.  Three summers ago we took on the area just south of the house.  Now the western woods are in our sights.  The work around here really is never done.  There is always another project to do.  I can say after last weekend we are one step closer to our future goals for our little piece on earth; that and the kids now have a good place for their tree fort to be built.

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mother said...

So, a couple of questions...1. Where is this tree compost area on the property line? Down by the right-of-way?
2. How did you end up loading logs while Josh played with the big Tonka Truck??

And one answer--Now I know why I haven't been able to reach you on the phone for a few days. ;-)

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