May 25, 2016

Just Like You

When the kids got home from Texas there was a surprise for them.
Grammy and Grandpa Klynstra had sent them a wheelbarrow that was just their size.  The very first time they saw it they ran over to daddy's wood pile and loaded up all the small scrap pieces of birch wood.  It took some teamwork, but they move their little load into the house and were so proud to see it in the woodbox.  
As the past month has gone by things have been busy here.  That little wheelbarrow has seen a lot of miles already.  (It has been walked to the mailbox, 1.1 miles, several times so that rocks could be loaded up and then used to throw into the spring mud puddles.)
But the day Josh brought compost home from town made me smile, even with all the work.  You see Josh stayed in the truck to shovel out the compost into my wheelbarrow and then I would move it into the garden.
The kids watched us do just a few loads and then ran go get their own equipment to help.  Ethan took one load into the garden but then he needed to be just like daddy.  So he stayed in the truck to load and Abigail took over, just like mama.
Teaching our kids life and having them watch what we do is certainly intimidating but days like this, well it feels like it is going to be ok.  That and the garden was officially ready to be tilled up and planted.  Summer is arriving to Fairbanks that is for sure.

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