May 17, 2016

Homestead Guests

Since things have been so busy here at home, and on the blog, I haven't yet got to introduce you to our new batch of 8 week guests.  
 This year we brought home 47 new babies that will soon be called our "fat ladies."  We are super excited to report a week and a half later that we haven't lost any (usually one or two chicks can't make the transition well) and all are getting their adult feathers.
 Even thought the past few days have been cool we see them leaving their brooding box today or tomorrow to be in the large pen.
And as they grow they loose their baby cuteness but continue on towards their practicality.  We are excited to be in our third year of raising meat birds.  

1 comment:

mother said...

All cute and fluffy until the last 2 words of the post--from your almost-a-vegetarian-mother.

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