May 19, 2016

Guest Room / Toy Room / School Room / Craft Room

When we were in Texas Josh was home working.
Number one job on his list - Finish the murphy bed.  It was all built when we left but the polyurethane need to be put on.  Thus, Josh had to take the cabinets all apart once again.  But since that sealant makes me have migraines he waited until then to finish up the work.  Not only did he get that done, he also put the drawers in place and put on the chalkboard paint we had talked about.  I love it all.
This guest room (but really needs to be more room) is now complete and we couldn't love it more.  The floor is open, but guest can come and be comfortable anytime.  The toys are there but there is still room to play when they are pulled out.  The shelves are bare now but school and craft supplies were on their way.  All this goodness right next to the kitchen where mama is often working.  Perfect!
After we got home from our trip I not only worked on unpacking our bags but I also worked on tearing all our closets apart and move things around.  My favorite was taking all of the craft/school supplies out of the kitchen cabinet, sorting through each thing and move it into its new home.
The picture of the empty shelves looked nice but this picture, this looks like home.  Games, books, crayons, play dough and more.  But even though it looks full I promise you that bed is free and available, as is a drawer or two, if anyone wants to come visit.  We are ready for just about anything.  

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