May 12, 2016

After Hours

I am way behind on blog posts.  Programming ahead for when I was in Texas was great, except for now when I am behind.  I know I shouldn't put up these pictures because all of the prep work pictures haven't been posted, but I was too excited to wait.
 Josh worked super long yesterday so that when the kids went to bed he still wasn't home.  Coming downstairs I just wanted to shut down for the evening but oh, there is so much to do this time of year.  
 So I headed out to the greenhouse and what a productive three hours I had.  I am so excited to share that all of the beds in the greenhouse have been hand tilled and fertilized.  Then I was able to get all cucumbers and tomatoes transplanted into their new homes.
Josh rototiller the garden Tuesday night and last night I raked it all and set the sprinkler up to start the replanting soak.  Today I hope I will be found out putting down the plastic and possibly planting some of my outdoor plants.  It is an early spring I know but the weather has been so good I am ready to go for it.  Planting week is tiring and intense but such a great feeling.  

Prep pictures are sure to come soon.  

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