May 23, 2016

A Semester Together

Abigail had a most wonderful time in ballet last fall that she continued on in ballet once again this spring.  
Being the big grownup five year old that she is we could have moved her into the "blues" class.  The blues is a class of 5-8 year old and they wear blue leotards instead of pink.
But by staying in the pinks class, ages 3-5, she was able to pick up on more of the introductory skills and also be in a class at the same time as her brother.
Watching these two in class together for a semester did bring a lot of issues to light and did remind me how much a little three year old boy needs to move.  Abigail had the most wonderful time but we think Ethan needs to take a break for now.  He picked up on the skills faster then even Abigail but sitting still long enough to listen to everything the teacher had to share wasn't a strong point.  Maybe in a year or so.  Not sure how the break the news to him next fall though, because he really did love his class, his teacher and being one of three boys with 17 little pink girls to hug.

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