May 26, 2016

1/2 Birthday Dilemmas

If you know Abigail you know she loves sweets.  Maybe that isn't enough of a description.  Maybe it is better to say she lives for sweets.  At this stage in her life, and for the past five years, it is what has fueled her.  Say it is from her great-grandma or her father but this girl has a sweet tooth for sure.  With a holiday coming up next week my girl has been in quite a struggle for a month now.  

You see Abigail's half birthday and Naomi's full birthday (and then switch that in 6 months) are just three days apart.  So I have made the rule that yes, we have a special dessert for a 1/2 birthday, but no cake.  The person who's real birthday it is gets the cake.  The 1/2 birthday member gets something else special.  In the past it has been dirt pie, root bear floats and things along those lines.

Well, Abigail woke up in complete distress.  Seriously, I walked into her bedroom to say good morning and I am greeted with.  "Mama, I just don't know what to pick as my special dessert for my 1/2 birthday."  This was a month ago.  I looked at her in open amazement.  Seriously!  But she was, and is, serious.  She has gone through every single cookbook of mine and has finally declared, "Oh Mama, you just pick.  I can't decide."
So here I am.  A week away from making one little girl's second birthday special but also a week and three days out from a special 5 1/2 year old's 1/2 birthday.  Time to pull out the big guns because I better make it good.

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