April 28, 2016

The Next Generation

The other day the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) hosted their annual science potpourri.  A day where the science building is filled with tons of displays for kids to learn to much about science.  We built buildings and then tested them to see how they responded to an earthquake.  Played with a water table, robot, and a bike that creates electricity.  We ate ice cream frozen with liquid nitrogen and watched a chemistry show where things were blown up.  There was so much to see and do.

12 years ago when I was a graduate student at UAF I worked the science potpourri.  It was a fun time for me to be there with my own kids.
But what was really fun was the moment when we passed through the stairwell.  You see when I met Josh I was a geology graduate student on the third floor and he Josh was a chemistry student on the first floor.  We would meet in the stairwell, sit on the window sill and eat lunch together several days a week.  
To put our three kids on that windowsill where our talks and lunches lead to our love, marriage and these three smiling faces brought me so much joy.  How blessed we are with God's plan.


lindajo said...

Sweet memories.

hxriley said...

This is so sweet and a true testament to the plans the Lord has for our lives. The details He worked out---scenarios he planned--I love every bit of the post... :)

mother said...

Ahhhh-so neat. That same windowsill. You could never have imaged what those innocent talks years ago would end up becoming. Nice thoughts.

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