April 8, 2016

The Holiday Fun

In addition to dressing up, feeling fresh, sharing a traditional dinner and all we have a little fun on Easter too.
 The kids get so excited about their easter baskets - and I get pretty excited about putting them together too.  This was the first year we hid them on the kids and it was fun to see them running around trying to find something all the while being not sure what they were looking for.
 We keep baskets pretty simple but in a way that is one of the joys of it all.  A new box of band aids to play with for each child is always a favorite.
 And this year the kids were extra blessed with toys from Grammie and Grandpa too.  Pretty much a child's dream morning occurred before all that dressing up took place.
And the afternoon, well it was certainly full of sugar.  As a mom I sometimes want to just call it quits and say no more, not another jelly bean or one more piece of easter grass.  But really, it is in my power to keep it simple and the joy of a special day set apart is so fun.  I hear people say all the time, "oh I just don't do holidays."  I can understand that reasoning but the days set apart from the day to day makes life a little extra special, brings a little more laughter and a lot more joy.  Yes, easter grass is super annoying but childhood memories - priceless.  


hxriley said...

SO FUN!! Where did you hide them?? did they LOVE all their little gifts??? How much candy did mom and dad 'borrow'?

hxriley said...

OH, and Ethans Santa suit= AWESOME!

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