April 13, 2016

Springtime In Alaska

It was so fun to rent a state of Alaska public use cabin last month but one thing to note, not all the time was spent in a cabin.
The end of winter/start of spring in Alaska is an amazing time to be here.
A time when the sun is out and the water is dripping a little but the snow is still there.
The kids still dress in full winter gear but each and every piece becomes soaked during each outing.  The snow is finally wet enough to build a snowman in yet the world is still covered with enough snow to play in.
We woke up in our little cabin in the woods, enjoyed breakfast and play, and then we headed out as a family to explore.
Where we had rented the lower angel creek cabin for a few nights, we were curious to see just what the upper angel creek cabin looked like.  The trek up the valley in this amazing sunshine was just what we all needed.
Upon seeing the much smaller and well worn upper cabin, the kids all appreciated our lovely cabin that much more and were super excited at the prospect of heading back for lunch.  Springtime in Alaska, before the muddy/buggy season really starts, is a wonderful time to enjoy for sure!


hxriley said...

I never made the trek up to the upper cabin so it's fun to see a little of that trail. How much farther away is it?

hxriley said...

and AS ALWAYS, i'm completely impressed by your family pictures!!!! You guys take the BEST family photos!


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