April 25, 2016

Springtime And Family

The day after Easter, how is this almost a month ago, I did something amazing.  I boarded a plane alone and flew to New Jersey for a week. 
Josh was home from work, my in-laws were on hand to help out and I was going to be a sister and an aunt.  Baby Matilda was 4 weeks old and I was about to meet her.
Leaving snowy, muddy and chilly Alaska for spring time in NJ was heavenly.
As was uninterrupted time with my dear sister and her daughter.   Oh, a time when I could be the help they both needed without being a mother or wife at the same time.  It was an amazing gift to all of us!

1 comment:

hxriley said...

Oh Hil!!!! She's beautiful...so fun seeing her in your arms mommma!


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