April 15, 2016

Evening Fun

One of my very favorite parts of camping/cabin vacations is the ability to complete the "home" type chores so quickly.
Part of visiting a state cabin is the expectation that there will be wood there to burn when you arrive and that you will leave wood for the next person behind you.  One morning the boys did a wood run and had so much fun.
But really, besides that and sweeping out the floor (2 minutes) and make your sleeping bag (5 seconds) the day is open for fun.  And my favorite is the after dinner fun.  When everyone is full, tired but has just a little more energy to burn.
Hiking in the woods to the sound of the evening birds, the coolness of the air, the sky as the sun sets.
It brings out a silliness, a honesty, and a pure joy within all of the kids.  No big expectations, no agenda and no plans.  Just playing follow the leader, running down the hill pretending to be an airplane and filling our boots with snow.  These moments are the ones I always hold close.  These evening times of play are so very sweet indeed. 


hxriley said...

SO SO SWEET....well put my friend.

Anonymous said...

Haha- your timing on the chores is hilarious!

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