April 21, 2016

Date Night

After our state cabin trip Josh's parents came to visit for Easter but also so that Josh would have some help.  You see we were switching things up a little bit.  Josh was taking time off work to spend with the kids and I was boarding a plane to New Jersey.  My sister had her baby in February and I was finally getting to go see them, help out and enjoy being an aunt.  

But, while Josh's parents were in town we took the chance to go out on a date.  Target range was stop number one.
I freshened up on my skills with the 380.  Feels good to be out with my love for an evening of fun, dinner and a movie as well as being a little more confident with how I can protect my kids as well.  


hxriley said...

:)--fun times together. I know this spoke to your hubby's heart too :)

mother said...

That big bear roaming your woods better watch out!!

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