April 22, 2016

Daddies Are Funny

When I was all packed to head to New Jersey to see my sister a volcano erupted in the Aleutian Islands, a part of southwest Alaska.  Thus my flight was canceled.  But since Josh was home to take care of the kids and I hadn't left, we got to have a family day.  Part of this involved going to the library for story hour all together.
Daddy helped the kids with their craft.  And while Ethan and Abigail made small feeders for the birds, daddy used the craft supplies to make Naomi a halo.  Daddies are so fun to have around!

It was good Josh stayed home from work as well.  My flight back east departed just 24 hours later then planned and I was off to NJ.  My visit with my sister and her new baby girl was about to begin.

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hxriley said...

sweet picture of you two...

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