March 2, 2016

The Tree That Wouldn't Give

The other day Josh noticed one of our tall birch trees was dying and in the process of leaning towards our power pole.  Thus began the beginning of what we thought would be an easy task but alas was anything but.  

You see that tree needed to be cut and aimed to fall away from the power pole which meant two other smaller trees had to fall as well.  Josh tied ropes to all three trees and the work began.  Josh cuts the tree while I pull the lead rope helping the trees fall in the direction we want them to go.  These birch trees are pretty tall.  One tree came down, then the next.  

Feeling successful we moved on to the big tree that was our original goal.  I pulled, Josh cut.  I pulled and Josh cut.  I pulled and Josh cut.  We hooks ratchet straps and pulled, then another strap and another rope.  This tree was going no where.
In the end Josh called a good friend of ours who has cut trees as a profession and knows his way around stubborn trees.  He and Josh strung up another rope higher up (we are up to three ropes pulling and rachetted to other trees at this point.)
Then they pulled and pulled and pulled.  The tree is completely cut through the whole time, it was just leaning down hill and all the ropes were the only thing preventing it from falling into the power line.  
When the guys were unsuccessful a pully system was set up and the truck was brought in.
In the end man won but that tree did not go down easy.  Biggest process we have ever had to endure with all the trees we have cut on our land so far.  Cutting a tree down normal and simply is pretty boring but as this process progressed the kids were more and more interested.  There were a lot of shouts of timber in hopes that this could help daddy's process.  Biggest evening entertainment we have had in awhile.  Yeah for hard work, good friends to call and trucks with a lot of horse power.  

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hxriley said...

What a process!! Glad it went safely!! And the kids got their fill of entertainment. Lots of firewood for next year

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