March 23, 2016

The Promise

The other day we had fresh snow fall during the night and into the morning.  It is a sure sign of the end of winter when it starts to snow a bit here.  The warming of the air enough for our dry air to release that fresh powder.  But it does mess with one's thoughts on the coming spring and summer for sure.  
And as the kids put on their winter gear, right after breakfast, to go play in their fresh and clean playground; I had a photo shoot with my newest little promises.
These little seeds chose that day of fresh snow to be the first sprouts out of the dirt.  Reaching up out of the warm soil into a day of winter but with the promise of summer.  God's blessings to us of the hope for tomorrow.

1 comment:

mother said...

Seedlings are a wonder, that's for sure! In AuSable Chasm many of our biggest snowfalls were in March. 60 inches in March a few years before we moved to Texas. It IS disheartening, I know. The only people who like it are the maple syrup makers.

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