March 10, 2016

The Family That Works Together...

I remember my brother dreading the day when the log trucks would bring the firewood to our childhood home in New York.  All those hours of splitting wood laid before him and was never something he enjoyed.  

But now as a parent of kids who live in a home heated by firewood, I understand a lot more.
 Josh might have cut those trees down last week but it takes an entire family to keep the yard cleaned, the wood stacked, and our little homestead going.
The kids just might think it is the worst thing ever, but at the end of the day Abigail shows me her muscles and how strong she is getting.  She loves to tell me how she helped daddy with the wood and how thankful she is to be in a warm home.  

We are a family and we all do our part.  For a sticker on a chore chart or in order to know that at the end of the day the kids are provided for.  This is what being a family together is all about.


mother said...

Funny that Naomi is carrying the heavy log and the older 2 are carrying sticks. haha The pic is dark--is Naomi smiling????

mother said...

Pitching in as family members never hurt a child. Ever. Builds muscles and character--and a feeling of satisfaction,despite whining and complaining. I'm behind you 100%.

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