March 7, 2016

The Chance To Ask

The following is a conversation I was able to have with Abigail the other day:

Me:  "Abigail, I got the chance to go talk to a man today who is going to help me out when we start homeschool next year.  He is going to help me pick out curriculum, which are books that will help me teach you."

Abigail:  "Like how to read?"

Me:  "Yes, we will always read books but is there anything you really want to learn about?"

Abigail:  "Humm, I would like to learn about:

-Why it hurts butterflies if you touch their wings.
-How ants work, not the fire ant like at grandmas though. (me: like watch an ant farm?) 
- How grass grows and if I plant an acorn will a palm tree grow?
- About the body and why my heart beats fast when I jump on the trampoline."

Me:  "Yes, those are all science things.  I would love to discover and teach you those things.  Do you want to learn about different paints too?"

Abigail:  "Oh yes, but you see I am already an artist!"
This homeschool things is certainly going to be fun.

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