March 14, 2016

Oh Those Memories

This past weekend I started our 2015 photobook. 
  Each year I like to make one book of selected pictures and have it all together rather then a photobook for just this or that occasion.
 This year I actually sat at the table and said to Josh, "I don't know if I really want to do our 2015 book because really, nothing happened much in 2015."
 Well, a few hours later I was downloading over 400 pictures into shutterfly for the book and I was so full of all the things we DID do in 2015.
 And I was also reminded of just why I take the time to make these books.
Memories are just so much fun!

1 comment:

mother said...

How true this is!!! Particularly with little ones that are growing, stretching and learning EVERY day!! You will treasure the details of each picture in years to come. Like yearbooks. Well worth the effort.

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