March 21, 2016

My Little Rockhounds

Where pictures are coming in from around the country of spring, mud, blossoms and more, we here in Fairbanks are still covered in snow.  We even were given extra dustings of fresh powder this week.  Just a way for mother nature to tell us that no matter what we might think, spring never ever comes early to Alaska.  

As much as we love winter it has been funny to see how much the kids are dying to see all of the world they love that lies UNDER all the snow.  The other morning I found Abigail carefully carrying around a rock that she has saved from the driveway from last summer.  We got in a long discussion about that rock, there was a fight amongst siblings as to just who could hold the precious rock and then an expedition - in snow gear- was conducted to find more rocks.
 Alas after a lot of digging in the snow and at the ice covered driveway the kids had to settle with the few pebbles they could scrounge up in the dirt right outside the basement door.  Those few rocks that are exposed in the frozen dirt because of the deck that protects the door from snow.
 And all of this was done before 8 am.  So that morning after breakfast the kids set to work with basins of warm water and old toothbrushes scrubbing and polishing those treasured rocks.
And after all that morning scrubbing the rocks were stored in Abigail's box of "her favorite thing."
Besides providing the warm water and toothbrushes I was a bystander in most of this whole process.  Not much else makes this geologist mama's heart giggle inside as such an ordeal as this.  What a great group of geologist I am raising these days.  And yes, Abigail does fix her own hair.  More pink the better.  (and Ethan was part of the process, just on the record that boy takes forever to make his bed.  Thus he missed the picture portion of this adventure.  Don't worry, he was soon down and whereas the girls kept the scrubbing water in the sink - he managed to soak the kitchen.  To Ethan no adventure is fun without a mess.)

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Mother said...

As charming as this story is, my favorite part is Abigail's decorated hair. All the assorted bows and ribbons. You know she feels JUST BEAUTIFUL with all those decorations! someday she will be horrified by her variety of "hair pretties" but, for now, she is so pleased. It tickles me no end. I love, love. love how she expresses herself.

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