March 4, 2016

In The Middle Of It

What a day today was.  Not a day I had planned at all but one that makes me happy for bed time and chance to start with a fresh slate tomorrow.  We ended back up at the clinic today, alone with three kids that didn't want to be there.  That was all before a fall occurred, 10 minutes after we had left the clinic, which caused teeth to be pushed through a lip.  Maybe I should have gone back to the clinic for stitches but I didn't, we went home.  Home to motrin, a soft dinner and bed time that we all needed.

But this wasn't what I meant to talk about in the post today.  Today was supposed to be the day I shared with you the exciting news that Josh is in the middle of his next big project.  If you know Josh, you know that when he has wood in his hands he is happy and focused.  When that phone call came in Tuesday night that the wood had finally arrived in town he jumped up and ran out the door faster then he ever did for all our trips to the hospital for the kids to be born.  The wait for that wood has been killing him.  Lots of fire wood has been split, stacked and is now drying because of the delay but finally the wood is here and the plans are being put into action.  

As I write this post he is outside cutting, cutting, cutting.  So many pieces he tells me.  So much ripping, routing, measuring and rounding that must take place before anything can even think of coming inside for piecing together.  But I am patient.  I miss my husband when he is in the middle of a project but at the same time I love seeing his face at this time.  There is really nothing like the joy on his face when he is in the middle of what he loves and does best - builds and designs.  

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Mother said...

So sorry about your rough day. Glad it had a happy ending for Josh. Good photo of his creative, working hands.

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