March 16, 2016

I Will Grow Tomorrow

Abigail was going to bed awhile ago and stopped short.  Looking at me with her hands on those tiny hips she declared, "Mama, I just really need a new nightgown." 
 A few weeks later and I was able to get time in my sewing room enough to present Abigail with her new gown.  Since it is March and the fabric is warm I decided to make the gown a size big enough to fit her next winter as well as these end of winter nights.
But alas when she tried her new gown on the next morning it was so very big on my small girl.  I sighed and started looking at where I could give it a tuck here and a smaller seam there.  But then Abigail stopped me and said, "Mama, you don't need to change it.  I love my new gown.  I just might be bigger tomorrow anyway."

Oh my dear, I do hope you don't grow that fast any time soon!

**the making of this nightgown is dedicated to my mother.  She is the one who made me a gown of my very own later in life when I was bigger.  Thus there was plenty of fabric from my old gown to cut up and then repurpose into this new gown for Abigail.  I love how things go on.  Who would have thought almost twenty years ago when you made me a nightgown you were giving me what I needed for your very own granddaughter so many years later.  Yes we all grow up don't we.  I just wish my three would just slow it down a little bit.**

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Mother said...

You touched my heart, you did!!


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