March 1, 2016

Color Me Pink

 Last week we had an amazing burst of warmth in February that I have never yet experienced in Fairbanks.  We saw beautiful days, warm winds, melting snow and what felt like spring days.  But as it so often happens, as the warm spring air blew into town so did germs that we have kept frozen all winter long.  Naomi started with a cough a week ago that lead to the other kids and I before long.  Sunday morning found me at 1st care with my littlest lady getting our first round of antibiotics.  Ethan has jumped on the train as well.  Bottles of pink antibiotics are filling our world one dose at a time every 12 hours.
After Ethan's ear started to hurt as well I looked at Abigail and said, "Now Abigail, it is your job to not get an ear infection too, ok."  

She looked at me in all seriousness and said, "Ok  Mama, I won't eat any food off of the floor." then she turned and walked away.  


1 comment:

hxriley said...

Still laughing at A's comment. ;) how are the two littles today? Did momma get ANY sleep?

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