March 28, 2016

Blessed, Part II

Guest Blogger, Heather Riley
Oh, Alaska---you never do want to be ‘predictable’.    Yesterday was a sunny, clear, crisp day in Anchorage.   A day where the mountains seem so large you can touch them, the sun is so bright you ‘almost’ feel annoyed, and people are busy being ‘out’.  This morning though—was such a gift AND a surprise.  When we opened the curtains, we were met with huge, fluffy, beautiful winter wonderland snow!  We could not have been happier!  Kathleen and I have never been ones to ‘stay in’ because of a little snow.  Instead, we headed out for a morning walk (that lasted about 3.5 hours) with a couple of ‘to do’ things.  We strolled, laughed, and pretty much ended up walking miles that morning (often in circles) but honestly, IT WAS WONDERFUL!!! 

Along the way we enjoyed several different places, some old and familiar and some new.  We came across the Anchorage Light Speed Planet walk ( and stopped for a few photo opps as we orbited around some of our plants.

We also enjoyed a few other photo opps too!

We spent some time at the 5th Avenue Mall—which sounds very fancy.  It makes me laugh because neither of us are ‘shoppers’.  Your perspective of ‘shopping’ though changes when it is FUN—full of conversation, laughter, stories, and walking.  We find that while we are so thankful to be alone together (without having to supervise children running through a department store) we tend to THINK of those that we love when shopping.  We looked at things for our kids and husbands—and brought them back some goodies.  I should mention both Kathleen and I found our Easter dresses too J

One of my favorite parts about the weekend was the freedom we had to just RELAX.  We took a NAP in the middle of the day (because we felt like it).  We also just lounged around and caught up with photo books from our families.  That to me was such treasured time.  The TV was off and we just enjoyed the moment.  Dinner was a continuation of our Olive Garden night.  SO YUMMY and so comfy to just eat on a couch in pajamas whenever we wanted!  We finished off the evening by learning that these two mommas ARE NOT capable of shopping 'late'.  We stopped at JoAnn's and then Kohl's but were too tired by 9pm to continue on!  I will laugh about this for years to come.

 As our final day approached, we both were sad to part.  The roads were looking a little unpredictable for Kathleen’s drive (Anchorage had received about seven to nine inches of snow on Saturday) and we knew it was best for her to get on her way.  We were all smiles and KNOW that God will be bring us back together soon (next time with the kiddos!!!). 

So why the word ‘blessed’ in the title?  Not only are we best friends, but sisters in Christ.  The sister I never had!  It was the type of weekend where we got to sit and just talk—to understand and appreciate the woman, wife, and mother each of us has grown to become.  Lastly, but most importantly, it was weekend that was full of happiness and contentment of just being around each other…..

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