March 28, 2016

Blessed, Part I

Guest Blogger, Heather Riley

1.        Having a sacred nature: connected with God
2.       Very welcome, pleasant, or appreciated
3.       Blissfully happy or contented

This past weekend was a very special one.   It had been two and half years since I’ve seen my best friend.  In a state where I feel like I grew up (into an adult), started living my dreams, and became a Mrs. and a momma to be---I also met the most special friend I have ever had:  Kathleen.   This past weekend, our amazing husbands rearranged their busy work schedules so that two mommas could have some much needed time away, and more importantly, time TOGETHER.  As I think back on our time, the word ‘blessed’ is one that continues to ring in my ear. 

A total of 613 miles one way had to be traveled in order for this to happen.  Kathleen started her morning at 2am and began to drive 7 hours south.   She was greeted by clear, cold skies, and the northern lights to guide her.   I started my morning hours later and hopped on a plane leaving Kodiak Island to get to Anchorage.  In true Kathleen ‘planner’ mode, she arrived exactly at the time my plane landed and we were all smiles and hugs!!!!!  When you have such a deep friendship with someone, time just stops when you are together.  For us—it was like we had just seen each other yesterday. 
We had lots to catch up and talk about, shopping to do, projects to sew and knit, adventures to begin!   

First stop was Earthquake Park, a trail built around an area shaped by the 1964 earthquake (and a place Kathleen has ALWAYS wanted to explore).  The trail has interpretive signs retelling the history of the quake and the devastation that followed.  It also provided amazing views (on a clear, sunny day) of downtown Anchorage and its mountainous backdrop.  What beautiful scenery we enjoyed while walking together in the fresh, cold air sharing life together—in person.

Despite the change of scenery from the outdoors to the indoors for the rest of the day (including a wonderful lunch, visit to Target, Lowes, and our hotel) the day continued to get better and better.  Time......uninterrupted, focused time, is such a sweet thing!  That afternoon and evening we had a few more things on our ‘agenda’: naps, sewing, and supper.  Kathleen is a very gifted sewer (as you all know) and really helped me with my latest sewing project.  With her help, we finished a dress and had it in the mail the next morning!  This was a project that left both of us happy and thankful for the ways we spent our time.

Lastly, we were able to pay a visit to the Olive Garden.  It was already 7:30pm and we were just walking in.  For mommies of 6 combined littles (all 5 and under) eating this late is UNHEARD OF!  I think we even forgot that people actually do this!  We enjoyed AMAZING salad and pasta and most importantly conversation (and people watching too).  Our first day together could not have gone any better!!!  We continued to thank the Lord and our husbands for this time.  The best part: we still had TWO more days! 


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Anonymous said...

So happy for a wonderful friend and the decision to make a trip like this a priority!
Love you both-

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