March 9, 2016

6 Months Later

Yesterday was a special day in our home for our little man.  Half-Birthdays.  An event only the five of us really care about but a fun way to make the days special.
 Gifts are never a part of half birthdays.  But not having to do one's chores and getting to pick what is cooked for dinner is.  At 3 1/2 Ethan choose homemade mac n' cheese, steamed broccoli and strawberries.  The stores were all out of strawberries so we settled for cantaloupe instead (something never purchased here in Alaska).
For half birthday desserts I try and make it special without making a cake (Abigail and Naomi's real birthdays and half birthdays are three days apart twice a year.  Cake twice a week is way too much.)  So for this event Ethan picked root beer floats.  Abigail was so excited she kept saying, "Oh, Ethan thank you so much for having a half birthday today."  

Happy 3 1/2 to my little Ethan.  What a journey you are taking us on.  We are so very happy you are part of our family and we are along for the ride.

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mother said...

Such a fun idea. One happy boy. I would choose the same menu, Ethan.

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