February 3, 2016

Treats WIth Daddy

Last August I registered Abigail up for Awana.  At that initial day I stood looking at the blank snack sheet and had no idea what the year was going to be like.  But when I picked a random Tuesday in January I really believed it would be a good time.  Nothing much happens in January, right?  Well, fast forward five months and Ethan and I were packing our bags to go to Anchorage for surgery.  Right when Abigail needed a snack for Awana.  

Now snack for Awana might mostly be a mom/dad thing but in our house Abigail was deeply invested in the entire process.  She wanted, no, NEEDED to make something for snack.  No packaged cheese sticks would work.  So I looked around at what I had and declared chocolate dipped vanilla wafers rolled in sprinkles just might do the trick.  
But this was going to be left up to dad and Abigail.  Mama was out of town.
They did great.  Josh was amazing, he melted the chocolate but let Abigail do the dipping.  They made a ton, bagged them up, presented them in a pretty basket and Abigail was very proud.  What a success.  No mama help was needed at all.


mother said...

Super idea! May I steal it? It's just the kind of time I want to spend on making snacks.

hxriley said...

Way to go dad!! aND mom!! Was it a hit?? Really, how could it NOT be?

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