February 26, 2016

The Independent

This week has been fun for me to post little bits on the kids individually.  Little snap shots to remind me of just who they are at these stages that they are in.  

My Naomi is certainly my little independent girl.  She talks up a storm and communicates better then either of her siblings did at this age.  She adores all things Abigail since she has started to realize Abigail does "big girl things."  At the same time she loves Ethan but hates that he can be a big brother and out run her, out talk her, and out build things now.  If she can sneak up and snag something of his and drive him crazy it makes her day.
But really at the end of any and all play, where she uses all her force to show that she isn't just a baby but a big girl herself, she is my little person who loves to be picked up.  She has this strong independent spirit with a need to be cuddled, hugged just one more time, and rocked to sleep.  Rock a by baby is her favorite nursery rhyme and when she is done settling all her baby dolls down to naps she loves to take their place in the chair with me rocking her too and fro as well!  But ask her to do something she doesn't want to and this week has found her shouting, "I don't want to!" all the while stomping her little foot.  Oh boy, we are in for a ride with this girl for sure.

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hxriley said...

I'm laughing at the end (the foot stomping). Isn't it amazing how God creates out kiddos?? I love how much she loves her dolls!! Such a sweet little one.

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