February 18, 2016

The Fun In The Mess

Finger painting with three little people is hard.  But when Josh is around to lend a hand for mess control the fun can go on.  
I think back and when Abigail was Naomi's age she got to experience finger painting all the time.  Three is just a little harder to juggle and so when Naomi does get to dive in she really loves it.  One on one date time for Naomi - perfect.
But surprisingly after Abigail and Ethan come home from their date to town they are surprisingly jealous of those fresh finger paints.  No, 5 and 3 are definitely not too old to beg for a painting session for themselves.  There is no end to the joy paint between the fingers can bring.


lindajo said...

Love Abigail's new smock. The pure joy on Naomi's face makes me smile.

hxriley said...

Great reminder for me. I need to get some of these and have Samuel wear his AMAZING new smock made by you!!!! Love it!!!

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