February 9, 2016

The 2016 Yukon Quest

Saturday was the start of the annual Fairbanks to Whitehorse 1,000 mile dog race, the Yukon Quest.
When it comes to do races we love to go.  It is so fun to see the mushers all loaded down with the gear they needed, smiling ready for the days and miles ahead.
But really we go to see the dogs.  The true heros of these races.  They are so excited, jumping, booties in place, pulling on their harnesses and ready, so ready for the miles ahead.
Going out to cheer on the teams is a family event and we all love it.
Granted I do think Ethan, Abigail and a friend we met up with enjoyed the sledding down the river bank onto the ice the most.  We, the parents, enjoyed the teams but also spent a good potion of our time making sure the boys were pulled out of the dog trail so that joy could continue and no chaos would occur.
But for a Yukon Quest race to start and it to be a sunny day and a balmy 8 degrees we were in for a treat.  Rare for us to enjoy this race and not be shivering at -20 or so on the river's ice.  But after a few hours we packed up and headed home.  The mushers and their teams are in route right now.  It is a hard race but fun to see how each team does.


hxriley said...

Ohhhhh I'm just filled with happiness from this post!! i love seeing kids smiling faces!!! Ethan And his buddy sliding down the hill just as kids should with sheer joy on their faces. Sweet N on top of daddy's shoulders (best seat in the house). I love that you are wearing the familiar blue coat and scarf that I've always known you in ;) and A's purple coat is adorable. What a wonderful day and WONDERFUL photos ;)

mother said...

I agree with Heather-great pics of a good day on the frozen river-dogs, sleds and all. Happy pictures.


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