February 23, 2016

Staged And Ready

Last week we were so excited about the demolition going on in the guest room and the start of something new.  And then reality sunk in and the reminder that we do live in Alaska.  Whenever you want anything specifically for a job it usually has to be ordered and oh, that takes a week to ten days - from three days from now.  
So the guest rom door has been closed and locked so no visitors go mess with the tools but that has been it for over a week now.  But last night the door was opened, tools were laid out, drop clothes were arranged and the stage was set.  The earliest the wood could be delivered will be tomorrow and we don't have our hopes up too high but at the end of the day we are ready to start.

1 comment:

mother said...

They must seem like LONG days...but the end will be super!


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