February 10, 2016

Seeing The Lights

The northern lights have been amazing this winter.  Living in central Alaska in the winter isn't all fun but seeing Northern Lights out my front door 3 to 4 times a week is pretty great.
Some day I will figure out just how to take a clear picture of this amazing sight.  For now this works, more practice and time to warm my fingers up is needed.  


mother said...

oh-wow. Now that IS a spectacular thing, seeing the dancing lights from your front door. And the welcoming lights inside your home are beautiful, too. They speak of family, warmth, love and fulness. You have beauty inside AND out.

hxriley said...

So pretty!!! I love seeing your home in the photo. I can imagine how warm and snuggly it is inside while the temperatures are frigid outside. So beautiful and great shot!!

Anonymous said...

cool- you captured it though!!!

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